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We were initially introduced to the doodle breed with our beautiful F1 Labradoodle, Tessa, back in 2016.  We had zero intensions other than adding a four-legged companion to our family.  However, Tessa was an excellent spokesdog for her breed and we soon found ourselves seeking a male companion for her.  Soon we added a second doodle to our family: Atlas is a multi-generation Golden Doodle.

After hours and days and months of soaking up all the information I could about breeding and the whelping/raising process of pups, we decided take a leap of faith. Our hope was (and remains) to do our part to preserve and improve this incredible breed.

That major decision to venture forward led to the birth of our West Coast family business. We've enjoyed this experience and are happy to spread the Doodle love - expanding the heart of your home - 4 feet at a time!



Our philosophy is simple: raise steady and stable puppies who are able to face life's situations with grace and confidence.  We do this with the best form of care and curriculum available.

SCD philosophy is fulfilled with the implementation of Early Neuro-Stimulation (ENS) from days 3-16 of life - which has proven to establish a solid foundation for the nerves, heart, and mind of a dog.  There has been much research on how this prepares puppy's adrenals and desensitizes them to future stressors in their lives.

ENS flows seamlessly into the implementation of a comprehensive curriculum that puts the puppies through age related and developmentally specific exercises and experiences. This further aids in their development and desensitization, bolstering their confidence for a steady and stable future as "good dogs," in any setting they find themselves.

The program we put them through is a tried, tested, and true curriculum, designed by a phenomenal woman - Jeanette Forrey - who created the program: Empowered Breeder.

Throughout all of the 8 weeks your pup is here with us, they have endless socialization with our children, the other dogs on site, as well as the cats in our home!

Our mission is to provide families with a new puppy who fits in as seamlessly as possible.

SCD mission is accomplished in 2 parts.

1 - implementing our philosophy.

2 - creating and maintaining open relationship and communication with our families.

Safe to say, once the time comes for our pups to become yours - they have all the groundwork laid out for a steady and stable future! Continuing along that journey is up to you once you bring the pup home! We strongly suggest taking advantage of our partnership with Baxter & Bella for a lifetime of support!

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