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To ensure that we continue breeding quality dogs, we need to continuously evaluate our current dogs and add quality blood-lines to our program.

A Guardian Home Program is the only way to be able to make that possible and allow us to expand our program the right way. Guardian Homes keep our breeding dogs out of a kennel environment and

surrounded by love in a home setting.

In order to be considered as a Guardian Home, you must live within 2 hours of our home and be flexible to drop off and pick up the dog for any reasons we, the Breeder, see necessary.

As a Guardian owner, you will get a high quality, pick of the litter pup (with an estimated value of $10-15,000!) and become that puppy’s forever home - now and once s/he is retired from our program.

Sunshine Coast Doodles retains breeding rights of the dog.

For females, this starts at sexual maturity and ends once the female has whelped (given birth) to 4 litters.

For males, the contracts tend to be longer but less involved as their requirements are more quickly met.

They are bred on an “as needed” basis.

To qualify for our Guardian Home Program, you must:

  • Live within 2 hours of Sechelt and be flexible for dropping off and picking up the dog for health testing, vet visits, breeding, and whelping.

  • Be prepared for a home-visit and provide references prior to the dog/puppy being placed in your care.

  • Keep the dog safe and contained at all times (fenced-in backyard/no dog parks/no off-leash walking).

  • Take the dog to a vet that SCD deems acceptable. SCD pays for health testing and breeding-related vet expenses while the dog is in our program. As the guardian, you are in charge of all routine vet expenses, just like you would with a dog of your own.

  • Provide all the basic basic training that comes with dog ownership (house, leash, and crate training)

  • Keep the dog free of mats and tangles, and have the dog groomed on 6-8 week schedule with a professional groomer - at your own expense.

  • Ensure dog is kept on TLC All-stages pet food

  • No plans of moving within the next 5 years.

  • Be willing to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with us during your time in the GH program - sending a weekly update & photo

  • Be dedicated to providing a safe, loving home for the lifetime of the dog.

If you think this sounds like something you'd like to do and you meet all of the above qualifications, please send us an email at and let's get started!

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